Do you want to become a member?

The membership fee is as follows:

  • 0-17 år: 25 SEK/year
  • 18-24 år: 150 SEK/year
  • 25 år och uppåt: 300 SEK/year
  • The registration fee for the association´s parties is announced in the invitation.

The association´s bank acount number is:

Swedbank 139-3404

Enter your name, adrress, and email adress in te message field.

For international members, or members to be, here is our account information:
IBAN: SE43 8000 0814 7199 3749 3907

Our membership fees are based on age:

  • 0-17 years of age: 25 SEK/year
  • 18-24 years of age: 150 SEK/year
  • 25 years of age and older: 300 SEK/year


To get out to Österhus, you take the ferry from Isön out to Norderön.

Then you follow the road until you reach the church, where you turn right. After about a kilometer you will come to a fourway intersection where you turn left, and keep right at the next intersection. Now you are hopefully an a dirt road, you should drive on it untill you reach the end av that road. Then you are at the destination.

Koordinaterna till Österhus äro följande:
N 63° 09.555, E 014° 20.555